The first steps and an exciting new path JOIN ME!

So let’s have a little catch up it has been a little while, how are you? I hope that you are well and that you have been keeping busy since we last spoke 😊

So my last blog was about being a stay at home doggy mummy. There has been a bit of a development which has actually shoved me on a rather different path! 

The compromise was that I got a part time job! I have one yay go me! However so far I have been working full time whilst I learn the ropes which financially relieves some of the pressure phew!

However….. I was a fairly regular gym attendee not that you would ever look at me and think that ha ha ha ! But I joined a fabulous boot camp down on the beach, it ruined me in so many senses of the word. I loved it so much that it actually made going to the gym boring. I haven’t been to the gym since 😳

So a few days ago whilst chatting with a friend I was complaining that I was wasting money on the gym and they simply said “so quit” I was like nooooo I can’t then we discussed the financial implications of going part time and why I didn’t like the gym anymore, then we discussed why people don’t like the gym…..and so it went on. Now not being too informative since not being a regular attendee at the gym and boot camp finished for now I have noted that some things are wobbling a little more than usual! 

I’ve decided to set myself a challenge and that is I’m going to get fit for free. I say free I already have quite a few exercise memrobelia kicking around the house and there’s nothing I can’t get on gumtree ! #lovegumtree #literallyneverbynew

So I have an exercise mat, some hand weights boxing gloves, pads a resistance band and access to you tube as well as beautiful heathland on my doorstep. 

I don’t like spending money after getting myself out of debt I am super stingy with the Benjamin’s and if I can save money I will so this should be right up my street.

The next question to blog or vlog ?

Any advice really appreciated on this one.

I’m thinking if I can nail this there are plenty of people out there with the need and probably the same thought pattern I’ve had but maybe not the knowledge or maybe motivation (it’s so overwhelming sometimes) to put it together, or they are too self conscious to get out there. Self doubt is something I am far too familiar with which is why the big question about vlogging can I bear to see myself on video doing exercises ?😂 it’s ok I just won’t watch them.

 I’ll keep you updated and hook up the link at the weekend,hopefully I can get a little plan together and start next week I’m going to ask for tips and advice and invite people on my journey to get fit for free ! I’m going to try it for a month and see what happens 

Thanks for checking in

Speak soon